Extreme sports


Extreme sports athletes know all about commitment and the high prices you pay for hesitation. Their scars and fractured bones all tell the story of their failures and sacrifices they have made along their paths of progression and greatness.
They are all united by a level of determination rarely seen in the mainstream, traditional sports; a desire to get back on, dust themselves off and land that trick with more grit and drive than ever before. The desire to achieve something profound, to push themselves the furthest and be recognised by their peers as the best there is; these are the driving forces behind the seemingly impossible feats of courage and valour.
This is the home of DEWALT. Whether it’s building the ramps, cutting the trails, or fixing the bikes, DEWALT tools have long been chosen for their reliability and performance in the most extreme conditions.

DEWALT is Guaranteed Tough – our athletes are no different.

Daryl Brown World Record

Loch Down (Extreme) - Jason Phelan - BMX at Sea