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2X 54V XR FLEXVOLT 305MM Mitre Saw DHS780

Powered by 2x 54V XR FLEXVOLT batteries, this cordless 305mm mitre saw offers the perfect combination of power, accuracy, capacity and freedom. Cutting up to 345mm timber or 244 cuts per charge*, you’ll get the same performance as a corded saw. If you still need more, add the AC adaptor to have the ultimate flexibility.

*Tested with 2 x 54V 6.0Ah batteries in 90x45mm structural pine



AirLock dust extraction


Optional AC power adaptor


XPS Shadow line for accurate alignment


Quick release bevel stop


Stainless Steel detent plate

Voltage 2 x 54V
Blade Speed 3800 rpm
Blade Diameter 305 mm
Blade Bore 30 mm
Bevel Capacity 49/49°
Max cutting capacity (90/45) 211 x 112 mm, 244 x 76 mm
Max cutting capacity (90/90) 303 x 110 mm, 345 x 76 mm
Max cutting capacity (45/90) 268 x 63 mm, 345 x 44 mm
Max cutting capacity (45/45) 212 x 76 mm
Weight 25.5 kg


ultimate flexibility

Though the 54V XR FLEXVOLT batteries offer all the power you need for a standard day’s worth of cutting, we understand that you might prefer the long term power of a cord for some jobs. With the AC adaptor, you can turn this 305mm 54V Mitre Saw into a corded one and saw non-stop.

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Use the new XR FLEXVOLT mitre saw blades for the optimal cordless performance. The extra sharp, thinner carbide teeth pass through timber with less resistance and give longer useable life between re-sharpening. The optimised tooth form combining two alternate top bevel teeth followed by a raker tooth allows for the efficient cutting and cleaning of the kerf. This minimises the battery power required to make the cut line, resulting in more cuts per charge.


power of corded

Any 18V system has a limit to the amount of power it can deliver. DEWALT XR FLEXVOLT™ tools surpass the limits of an 18V system, delivering unprecedented levels of power. The 54V power opens up new applications on a cordless platform and also makes existing applications quicker. The faster application speed means that despite the higher voltage, less energy is used overall, which improves runtime on heavy duty tasks. And they are fully compatible with the entire 18V XR range, including chargers.