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DCS575 XR FLEXVOLT Circular Saw


The DCS575 from DEWALT is the new leading precision circular saw and the first cordless circular saw of it's kind to benefit from our 54V XR FLEXVOLT battery power. XR FLEXVOLT power means that this circular saw achieves an output of 1300W and a run speed of up to 5800RPM, resulting in faster cuts. This also means that the XR FLEXVOLT DCS575 boasts the best power to weight ratio in class. Other features include: Airlock compatibility for superior dust management. On board tool, quick depth and quick bevel adjustment minimises downtime. Plus, LED illumination, cutaway guard and dust blower ensure excellent cut visibility.



339 cuts in 50 x 100 mm pine on one charge.


67 mm depth of cut


54V Brushless Motor

Speed: 5800 rpm
Blade Diameter 190 mm
Blade Bore 30 mm
Bevel Capacity 57°
Max Depth of Cut at 90° 67 mm
Max Depth of Cut at 45° 49 mm
Weight 3.6 kg
Length 355 mm
Height 245 mm
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scie ronde Cutting up to 119% more metres per charge than the standard DEWALT construction blade, the XR FLEXVOLT circular saw blades are optimised for the DCS575.

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The optimised tooth form combining two alternate top bevel teeth followed by a raker tooth allows for the efficient cutting and cleaning of the kerf. This minimises the battery power required to make the cut line and prolong's battery life.


Thinner carbide teeth allow the blade to pass through timber with less resistance. Less power is required to drive the teeth through the wood resulting in more cuts per charge.