9pc Extreme Impact Ready Flatwood Set

9pc Extreme Impact Ready Flatwood Set

  • Medium Tough Case
  • System Set
  • Connectable Case allows multiple sets to be stacked and locked together
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Additional Features

  • TSTAK compatible to hold all your accessory sets in one place
  • Compatible with the TSTAK system via the Large Tough Case
  • Bevelled Pilot Point Tip
  • Bevelled outer cutting edges enable precise positioning and a clean hole, even in wood with nails
  • Thick, robust steel shank for added durability
  • 1/4" shank ensures easy and slip-proof clamping
  • Fast and accurate drilling
  • Extreme Impact Ready


  • Wood Drilling
  • Fast and accurate drilling in hardwood, softwood, lumber, and wood with nails


  • (9) Flatwood Drill Bits
  • (1) 12mm x 152mm
  • (1) 14mm x 152mm
  • (1) 16mm x 152mm
  • (1) 18mm x 152mm
  • (1) 20mm x 152mm
  • (1) 22mm x 152mm
  • (1) 25mm x 152mm
  • (1) 28mm x 152mm
  • (1) 32mm x 152mm


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