Additional Features

  • TSTAK compatible to hold all your accessory sets in one place.
  • Compatible with the TSTAK system via the Caddy and Large Tough Case.
  • Easy bit removal and retention for user convenience.
  • Bits lock into place to prevent them falling out when not in use.
  • Extreme Impact Ready.
  • Optimized Tip Geometry for full fitment in the fastener and reduced cam-out.
  • Full-fit head eliminates wobble and screw head rounding.
  • CNC Machined optimized Dual Torsion Zone for greater bit strength and longer life.
  • optimized torsion zone maximises bit life and turning force even in the most demanding applications.
  • Contoured area of the bit flexes with the torque of the impact driver to absorb torque peaks and protect the bit for longer life.
  • DEWALT branded torsion zone.
  • Includes a torsion zone bit holder for use with 25mm screwdriver bits.
  • Longer life on 25mm bits when used in a torsion zone bit holder.
  • Magnetic sleeve included for use with 63mm, 89mm, and 150mm screwdriver bits.


  • (2) PH1 25mm
  • (8) PH2 25mm
  • (2) PH3 25mm
  • (1) SL6-8 25mm
  • (1) SL8-10 25mm
  • (1) SL10-12 25mm
  • (4) SQ4 25mm
  • (1) T15 25mm
  • (1) T20 25mm
  • (1) T25 25mm
  • (2) Hex 5 63mm
  • (6) PH2 63mm
  • (3) SQ2 63mm
  • (1) PH2 89mm
  • (1) SQ2 89mm
  • (1) Magnetic Bit Holder With Torsion Zone
  • (1) Magnetic Sleeve


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