Vibrations Information

DEWALT 's range of Power Tools offer leading vibration levels. DEWALT continues to use innovative technologies to continuously reduce the vibration to which workers are exposed.

Who is at risk?

Those who regularly operate high vibration equipment over long periods of time.

Controlling the risks

The risks can be controlled by good management such as using the correct tool for the job. This requires employers to carry out various duties including:

Vibrations Measurement

Vibration of handheld electric power tools is measured in accordance to EN 60745 series
EN 60745 which measures vibration in three directions (otherwise known as a tri-axial or vector sum measurement). This has been developed to replace the older version of EN 60745 standard and bring the manufacturers vibration measurement procedures in line with the HAV Directive.

vibrations_axis m/s² = √ X² + Y² + Z²

Manufacturers Measurements

In reality there are far too many variables which can affect the outcome of the measurement. The DEWALT view is that job site measurement is too UNRELIABLE. DEWALT recommends that manufacturers values are used for calculating HAV exposure levels providing they are specifically identified as ‘Tri-Axial’ or ‘Estimated Tri-Axial’ according to HSE guidelines and EN 60745-1:2006 and reflect vibration values in the so called upper quartile.

Vibrations Exposure Limits

Exposure limits are calculated as a combination of the vibration level (magnitude) of the tool and the Daily Exposure Time (Trigger Time). E.g. A product with 5m/s² vibration can be used up to 2 hours/day to reach the EAV and up to 8 hours/day to reach the ELV.

Exposure Action Value (EAV) - Daily vibration exposure A(8) = 2.5m/s²

Where daily vibration exposure A(8) is below 2.5m/s² the risk is relatively low and no action need be taken

Exposure Limit Value (ELV) - Daily Vibration Exposure A(8) = 5.0m/s²

If several tools are use the exposure values must be combined:
Total exposure is then the combined value of the activities

Actions you should take

Actions for Workers

Actions for Employers