What is ‘Hand Arm Vibration’ (HAV)?

Vibration transmitted to hand and arm causing conditions such as:

When is it hazardous?

What is ‘Hand Arm Vibration’ (HAV)?

What sort of tools and equipment can cause vibration injury?

There are hundreds of different types of tools and equipment which can expose operators to high levels of hand-arm vibration. Some of the more common ones are:

How can tool manufactures help?

Equipment manufacturers are generally trying to improve the vibration performance of their products, so new tools and machines are likely to emit lower vibration than older equipment. You will gain the maximum benefit from these improvements if you introduce a policy of buying the most suitable equipment when you replace tools or machines. DEWALT prides itself on innovation, and there for its range of hammers and other high risk products are some of the most up to date products on the market. Focusing on combating vibration at source (active vibration Control), DEWALT’s range of products demonstrate some of the loest vibration figures on the market.
For most types of equipment, manufacturers are required by law to:

Health and safety law requires you to do a number of things to protect your employees.

You should:

How do I know if my employees are at risk?

The documentation supplied by the equipment manufacturer should warn you of risks from vibration. You can also check yourself to see if hand-held power tools, hand-guided and hand-fed machines are regularly used, and if so, whether anyone is, in particular using vibrating tools each day. If so, your employees are probably at risk. Even where employees are using vibrating tools or machines for less than these times, there may still be a risk and you should regularly (at least every six months) ask them if they are getting any symptoms of HAVS. Some simple questions you could ask are:

What can I do to control the risk?

There are many things you can do, several of which may cost very little and could also improve productivity and product quality, for example:

What information and training do I need to give my employees?

Employees need to know about the hazard and what they should do to reduce the risk, for example:

What is ‘Physical Agents Directive 2002/44/EC’?


Why is ‘Physical Agents Directive 2002/44/EC’ Being Introduced?

What Does ‘Physical Agents Directive 2002/44/EC’ Aim to Achieve?

Aims to reduce the amount of injuries caused by over exposure to high levels of vibration due to excessive use of power tools

Who Does 2002/44/EC Affect?

How Will ‘Physical Agents Directive 2002/44/EC’ Control Vibration Exposure?

Through establishing allowable usage levels depending on vibration of machine...

Vibration Measure

Vibration is measured in: m/s²

Exposure Limits

Exposure Action Value (EAV) < 2.5m/s² Daily Exposure

Exposure Limit Value (ELV)=< 5m/s² Daily Exposure

Exposure Limit Value (ELV)=> 5m/s² Daily Exposure (ELV)
The usage time is limited depending on the level of vibration

Tri-Axial Calculation

vibrations_axis m/s² = √ X² + Y² + Z²

Vector sum of X,Y & Z
2002/44/EC Requires this Standard